Camera bag tutorial

This camera bag tutorial by Valerie at The Crafter’s File Box
is making me long for the days past the diaper bag…

Found via Tatertots and Jello…Maybe I will make one in anticipation, so it will be ready and waiting…  It is such a clever idea and simple tutorial!

Oh and btw – subscribing to both blogs will seriously increase your project wish list! Always a good thing!

Thanks for reading.

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I wonder if the neighbors would hate me if I quietly dug in the backyard after 9pm? I would put the noisy dogs inside, Emma would be sleeping, and the hubby at work… Just me, the baby monitor and a shovel. Promise. I think that’s the only time I will have to be able to make a dint on:

This is the dismal back flower bed where I would LOVE to have roses or jasmine or rosemary, or some amazing combination of all 3 planted instead of huge weeds and…

ROCKS.   Really.  They are about a foot deep, maybe more.

So FREAKING many ROCKS! There are random buckets of them behind our shed too.  It makes digging up the stupid flower bed take forever. And I haven’t even gotten to the mini roses (and thorns), random mustang grape vine, or Hackberry tree that will require up rooting.  I’ve only dealt with the rocks.

Have I mentioned that the previous owner isn’t high on my favorite people list?

Thanks for reading!

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Amazing. Simply amazing.

is this tutorial on how to recover your stroller!  And there’s a tutorial for the matching infant car seat here, toddler car seat here.

I love that blog, Laura Thoughts. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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Fiesta starts this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT! Fiesta rivals birthdays and Christmas, in my opinion.  I love it. The food, the people, the events. It makes me so happy that I live in SA! And it’s E’s first fiesta year. Which makes it EVEN BETTER!

We are going to the Fiesta Art Fair this weekend.  I seriously look forward to going and seeing some of the artists all year long.  We usually go twice.

This vase/pitcher:

with it’s owls was made by Diana Kersey, purchased by my mother at last year’s Art Fair, and then given to me as a birthday present. It’s pretty high on my Favorite Things list. I love owls, it’s my favorite color, I love Diana and her work, and every time I look at it I think of Fiesta.  My husband bought me the corn husk flowers.  We found them at a shop in Port Aranasa, and they add to the Fiesta memories and pepper in happy beach memories.

Side note: both John and I were in the Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade when we little.  I will have to find some pictures… 😉

Thanks for reading!

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Other knitting projects

Here is one of my other knitting projects:

Bah!  Isn’t it lovely? I started it before I caved and bought yarn for the Elsie Sundress… It’s almost finished.  It will be finished before our beach trip this summer!

I’m halfway done on one strap, but I think I’m going to modify the pattern and remove the button. It will just be a solid strap.  (Wish me luck, I haven’t modified much in the way of knitting patterns.  Ever…) I’m going to have to force myself to finish this and possibly a pair of socks before I move on to the matching Elsie Sweater…  🙂

Pattern: Madison Top by Bella Dee Designs on Ravelry.

Yarn: I Love this Yarn in soft pink from Hobby Lobby.


Thanks for reading!

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What do you do while you knit?

I listen to audio books. is amazing and I am currently listening to A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.  It is a wonderful story with very rich characters.  I’m going to be so sad when I finish it. Do you have any suggestions for what to read next?


Thanks for reading.

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the Dress!

I couldn’t wait to share this with you!!

Isn’t it wonderful? I have new baby dress love.  I’ve started on the matching sweater, but I’m nearly out of yarn.  I set out to go get more this morning, only to remember that this particular yarn store (Yarnivore) is CLOSED on Tuesday.  Boo.  And I ALWAYS try to go there on Tuesdays! The subconscious is a terrible thing. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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Current Knitting Obsessions…

I am currently spending every free moment I have on this:


It is the Elsie Sundress by Jane Richmond, and I’m in love.  It is super easy, just knitting and purling in the round.  I can’t wait to finish it and see it on my little girl!

In case you are curious, here is where I am currently at with the pattern:

I am ridiculously excited about it.  Oh, did I mention that there is a matching sweater to take the whole ensemble into fall?

Yep, that just might have to be next.

I’m using Butterfly, mercerized cotton in color 3475.  It has a great texture and sheen.


Thanks for reading!

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Project Run and Play

If you have some free time to daydream about all that you could do if you were a better seamstress, check out: Project Run And Play. The contest is over, but there are links to some amazing tutorials and free patterns like: this at The Cottage Home.

I’m already searching for fabrics and debating about what size to make one in!


Thanks for reading!


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new blog discovery

I’ve found a great new blog that features some of my favorite elements:  great design, diy projects, and an adoption story.

Gus and Lula has a little of everything. From wonderful inspiration for nurseries, to an awesome vertical blinds hack for roman shades! Sadly, this diy project would not work for us… Vertical blinds for our massive kitchen window would have to be custom ordered and expensive. Cut-to-fit dowels remain our best bet.

Be sure to check them out and thanks for reading!

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