I wonder if the neighbors would hate me if I quietly dug in the backyard after 9pm? I would put the noisy dogs inside, Emma would be sleeping, and the hubby at work… Just me, the baby monitor and a shovel. Promise. I think that’s the only time I will have to be able to make a dint on:

This is the dismal back flower bed where I would LOVE to have roses or jasmine or rosemary, or some amazing combination of all 3 planted instead of huge weeds and…

ROCKS.   Really.  They are about a foot deep, maybe more.

So FREAKING many ROCKS! There are random buckets of them behind our shed too.  It makes digging up the stupid flower bed take forever. And I haven’t even gotten to the mini roses (and thorns), random mustang grape vine, or Hackberry tree that will require up rooting.  I’ve only dealt with the rocks.

Have I mentioned that the previous owner isn’t high on my favorite people list?

Thanks for reading!


About Castle in the Air

I love to knit, crochet, sew, craft, scrapbook, and play with my little girl! I have an Etsy shop: and I'm going to keep you posted on the stories that come from trying to run a successful shop, and still find the time to do everything else!
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